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Rochester Row


Walk into this light, airy flat and you will be struck by the sheer level of craftsmanship on display. The oak floor alone is a work of art. Completely bespoke, it was sanded, stained and polished by hand on site; its chevron pattern creating a chic sense of attitude and continuity throughout the space. And what a space. With  two bedrooms, a bathroom, a shower room and the huge living area, it already spans 1,151 sq ft – but the shrewdly designed sight lines between the rooms make it seem 20 percent bigger. This is enhanced by the leafy trees outside, and the views down to the playing fields of Vincent Square.

Those playing fields are a splash of countryside in the middle of town and speak to the village-like quality that residents love about this neighbourhood. The area is full of independent shops, local restaurants and quiet residential streets. Yet it’s also a stone’s throw from the purr of central London life. You can amble to the West End in twenty minutes or to the tranquility of St. James’s Park lake in fifteen; you can be at Victoria station in under ten.

It’s such an inviting prospect, that many prospective buyers find themselves accepting properties with obvious drawbacks. This flat is not one of those –  everywhere you look, clever design touches help it perform at its best. Take the door to the living area, which folds back flush with the wall to create a perception of flow into the entrance hall. If you do wish to shut it, however, it reveals a stylish bookcase built into the wall. And then there are the aesthetic elevations that show just how much care has got into every detail: the Carrara marble kitchen worktop has been sanded to create an inconspicuous gradient down to the sink; the grain across the Macassar ebony kitchen cabinets runs straight from one to the next; the artworks on the living room walls are picked out by individual spotlights.

The whole environment is so agreeable that, for everything that’s on the doorstep, it might just become your favourite place in town.

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