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Established in 2013, Ivar London produces and instals custom bespoke furniture and joinery for trade and private clients. 


Ivar London also has a collection of designed furniture and furnishings that  bring warmth and individuality to every space. The designs focus on exploring the relationship between what British, and in particular London, design is today and the genesis of that design.


Expect to find subtle yet playful reference points in the designs, ranging from the use of proportion and materials to colourful marquetry designs, handmade in a striking fashion to contrast arresting design with real craftsmanship. Many of the pieces are natural centre-pieces, including the drinks cabinets, side cabinets and accessory boxes. Other pieces combine real practicality with artistry, such as the range of mirrors - ever so useful while creating interest at the same time. 

Pelham ebony.jpg
Ivar London - Centre Point rug - view 03

We design and manufacture every piece so our products really represent a labour of love from us to you. We make each item to order, including from the collection,  so are usually able to make adjustments in size, colour and finishes. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional personal service and really caring about meeting each of our client's expectations.

We love working with charities that carry out such amazing work for those in need including Haven House, NSPCC, Cancer Research, Caudwell Children and Wings For Life.

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