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Half Moon


Imagine the perfect Mayfair pied à terre. It would be bright, smartly laid-out, replete with storage,and finished to the utmost level of quality. It would, in fact, be just like this beautiful, high-ceilinged apartment three minutes from Green Park tube station.

Step inside and the first thing you notice is its sunniness. Its orientation is ideal – the bedroom faces east, the reception west – and it is blessed with an enormous six-lite bay window. This not only floods the living room with light but makes for a stylish design feature in its own right. The place also feels wonderfully enabling. Many West End flats suffer from awkwardly shaped nooks and crannies, or unusably long corridors, but in this property not a single square foot is wasted. The sense of space is only amplified by the large mirrors in the reception, and the sight line that connects it across to the bedroom.

The property holds secrets that extend it yet further. The double bedroom has ample cupboards, but panels open to reveal even more storage. Or take those reception room mirrors. You would never realise to look at them, but the one on the right is actually a door. Slide it away and it reveals an exquisitely finished kitchen – the continuation of the grain from one cupboard door to the next is something that can only be achieved when the units have been made bespoke. 

This emphasis on quality is the defining feature of the flat. Its very fabric, from joinery to stonework, has been elevated to the nth degree. The custom-made floor, for instance, is superlative: it was all sanded, stained and lacquered on site. Or look at the fireplace. The regularity of its horizontal lines look almost man-made but it is actually completely natural, lovingly crafted from sumptuous striato marble. The effort that has gone into the interior extends even to the smallest details: the dark bronze electrical fittings, say, the fine cornicing, and the dark wenge wood detailing that stylistically unites the mirrors and the bookcases. It is Mayfair through and through.

The building itself is no different. The flat is on the top floor of a proud, Victorian red-brick building with a grand central staircase (and a lift, of course). It is also a classic Mayfair address – Algernon Moncrieff in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance Of Being Earnest famously lives on Half Moon Street – and a stone’s throw from all the major touchpoints. The road connects with the quieter end of Piccadilly to the South, leading straight onto the calm of Green Park. In seven minutes you can get to Mount Street, where you’ll find restaurants such as Scott’s. And for a lower key evening, you can always head around the corner to Shepherd’s Market, a little enclave of pubs and restaurants that seems to evade the attention of the tourists.

See? Told you it was perfect.

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