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Uniquely crafted homes that go above and beyond


Your home is your sanctuary, your haven. It’s more than just a place to sleep and eat. It’s where you spend your precious free time doing the things you love, with those you love.
So it needs to be perfect. More than that, it needs to fit your personality, your style and the way you want to spend your time. In short, it needs to be uniquely moulded to your taste.

At Ivar we get that. And this goes to the core of our offering. Our homes are individual properties selected by us, with interiors designed and crafted to suit the property. We value individuality. That’s why each of our homes is unique – you simply won’t find another one like it.
How do we create the tranquil atmosphere of a unique home? We create balance by ensuring that the configuration of furniture within the room is just right. We avoid ugly corners and wasted spaces. Our designs are intelligent. Each property has a sense of flow and logical sequence to the arrangement of the rooms and spaces. More importantly, our designs look great and make you feel great.

Image by NordWood Themes

Our interiors are made to an impossibly high standard and every detail is designed by the Ivar team. We are committed to superlative quality and craftsmanship. We use fine materials for our furniture, which includes wardrobes, bookcases and TV units.
If your home is important to you, our firm recommendation is to avoid new build developments at all cost. You can’t create a proper home using a cookie-cutter approach. More often than not, a new-build flat is one of several hundred or thousand that are bulk made to squeeze costs and maximize developer profits. Inevitably, this leads to a compromise on quality, meaning that you will find yourself continually having to repair your interiors.
With Ivar, you get more than just a beautiful home. You get a place that makes you feel special and tranquil. We achieve all of this through our passion for beauty and obsession with detail.

Our services don’t end there though. At heart we are designers. So we offer ongoing interior services to keep your home looking beautiful. The home is an organic thing so we are at hand to offer design consultancy services whenever you want.
All of this means you get the perfect interior. Beautiful interiors have a track record of adding significant value to properties. They are sympathetic to the age and character of the property and bring it back to life. So if you are serious about investing in your home, you should take the time to get an interior that is right for you. This will make your home the special place that you deserve.

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