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Smart security: Nest cam IQ


What is the Nest Cam IQ?

The Nest Cam IQ is the latest in security camera hardware and the first to use facial recognition technology. With 4k sensors, the Nest Cam IQ can detect movement and capture video footage, and can also inform the homeowner who is in the property and whether it’s a familiar or unfamiliar face. Here’s our summary.

Design and build

It feels very well built, made with modern materials and comes with a stand for placing on flat surfaces. A standard tripod bolt is fitted to the stand, so it can be wall mounted on walls or ceilings if you want to, but the mount isn’t provided in the box. The Nest Cam IQ is powered through a USB-C cable.

Image by NordWood Themes


Getting the camera working means using the Nest app, which also controls your other cameras and the Nest Thermostat. The big difference between the Nest IQ and other cameras is the 4K image sensor. Although footage is only recorded in 1080p, having extra resolution provides some new features. The Nest Cam IQ has Supersight technology which allows it to follow an intruder around the room, panning 1080p frame around the 4K sensor. 4K gives you four-times more resolution than 1080p, you also get a four-times more zoom built-in.


Although The Nest Cam is expensive compared to other security cams (retailing at £299) it’s built with the most advanced technology. It provides a peace-of-mind you can’t get from the other security cameras on the market.
We expect Nest to create a bundle pack which will have 5 Nest cams for a bundle price which should make the product price competitive.

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