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Samsung family hub


Starting at £4,500 the Samsung Family Hub is a beautiful addition to your smart home. The Family Hub performs like a high-end fridge and it’s loaded with smart features you won’t find anywhere else.

Some features won’t be used as much as others however there are key features which bring real utility, convenience, and luxury to your kitchen.

There’s an app for creating shopping list, and an app for displaying photos. There’s a whiteboard app for the kids to write a note to Mom. There’s a calendar app that synchronizes everyone’s existing calendars into a family fridge calendar. All of it keeps the Family Hub grounded to keeps the kitchen the focal point for a modern busy family.

Image by NordWood Themes

There are features designed solely for the evolution of the modern refrigerator. The fridge cameras are an obvious example. They take a HD picture of your groceries each time you close the doors — the “View Inside” button on the touchscreen will allow you to see the latest images, you can drag little countdown icons over ingredients to keep track of expiration dates. Furthermore if you download Samsung’s app on your mobile device you’ll be able to view the inside of the fridge and all of your timers while you’re out at the grocery store. 

As far as smart fridges go, there’s nothing like the Family Hub refrigerator. Samsung’s four door build already felt like a logical addition.

The Family Hub fridge interactive 21.5-inch touchscreen a real step forward. Wrapped in an especially handsome black stainless-steel finish. It’s a futuristic appliance that pushes what we have come to expect from contemporary fridge design.

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