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Ivar London


Ivar London's ethos



Our craftsmen make each Ivar design kitchen by hand using fine veneers, stone and metal. We bespoke design each floor pattern and the dimensions of each baton to ensure a perfect fit in each room and we then have our craftsmen hand-lay prime oak flooring, and then sand, stain, fill and varnish on site for a perfect finish (we never use preprepared/ click-in boards). 

All of our fitted furniture is Ivar design, including wardrobes, bookcases, tv units, bathroom cabinets, and each piece is hand-made using fine materials and construction, and our radiator grilles are made with woven aluminium mesh, solid frames and stone tops. All of our doors are bespoke and made to an above standard height for better proportion. Our door furniture is hand-recessed into doors and our craftsmen install complicated integrated sliding doors where required. 

We produce bespoke skirting and architraves that are designed to tie-in with each other. We also produce Ivar design free-standing furniture that is also hand-made, which is available separately.


The key to a really high quality home is in what you don’t see but which is crucial for the successful running of a home. We typically install all new heating and water pipes using copper (we never use plastic pipes), and we typically install all new electrical wiring and boxes throughout such that we get NICEIC certificates. 

We construct our walls using multiple layers of sound bloc boards and plywood, together with extensive amounts of noggins and dense insulating felt, to create strong durable walls that also significantly reduce sound transmission. We use high quality sound insulation under wooden flooring to help significantly reduce the amount of impact noise of neighbours. We use solid wood block doors (never hollow construction) and all of our door furniture is made from solid brass which is then dipped in the finishing colour. 

We use highly skilled plasterers to ensure a very high standard of finish on all walls and ceilings. All of the light switches and electrical sockets are hand finished and of a very high quality, as are the bathroom and kitchen fittings. We typically use 10mm (rather than 6-8mm) thick bespoke glass doors in the bathrooms.

Intelligent design 

We put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that the apartment has a good sense of flow, and a logical sequence to the arrangement of the rooms and spaces. We do not hesitate to remove some (even all) internal walls to then rebuild to a new plan allowing for an enhanced lay-out. Much thought goes into each kitchen, to ensure that the lay-out is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, and that is successfully conceals boilers and other equipment. 

We also ensure that wherever possible there is substantial storage space in the right places, including the entrance hall, bedrooms and shower rooms. Where required and possible we install comfort cooling and we always ensure that there is service access where required.

Elegance and proportion 

Each Ivar apartment is carefully planned to ensure that each space and the configuration of furniture within it is carefully balanced, such that each space should be pleasing to look at. We work very hard to avoid ugly corners or spaces and will incorporate modifications into our designs for each space to ensure that it has a cool elegance. 

No detail is too small for us and we will always ensure that plastic entry phones are concealed within wardrobes, and we always design the layout of sockets so that lamp wires etc are concealed behind furniture.

Image by NordWood Themes

Mood lighting 

Good lighting makes an enormous difference to a space, from bright practical lighting to atmospheric lighting for a cosy evening or a party with friends. We give real attention to lighting design in each space, with adjustable lights to suit any mood all controlled from one light switch. We also arrange our wiring so that lamps around each room can be controlled from the master light switch in the room; and we typically have multiple lighting circuits in each space for increased atmospheric lighting.


Our apartments are built to last and should, with care, last for many years. Our designs are also carefully put together to ensure that they will age well. On any resale of the apartment the vendor can highlight the Ivar brand to the purchaser, who will also benefit from the peace of mind set out below.

Peace of mind

We are so confident about the quality of our work that we provide a 12 month warranty*. We also provide an aftercare service for our customers, whether for minor repairs or for more substantial work including furnishing an apartment. With our many foreign customers in mind, we also provide an apartment care service where we look after the apartment while the customers are abroad. But, above all, we believe that each Ivar property has its own personality. We always aim to use ethically sourced materials.

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