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How to choose a watch box


We all know that a good watch is an investment. An elegant and well made timepiece is a considered expense and we expect it to last a long time.
However, part of our watches standing the test of time is ensuring that they are properly cared for. Makes sense, right?

Now we’ve agreed that taking care of your watch – or watches – is important, let’s talk about you can do it. At Ivar, we’re big fans of the watch box. We’re a little biased, of course, but a good watch box protects and stores your watch – all while acting as striking and cool piece in its own right.

How to choose a good one:

  1. Make sure your watch box has a soft lining. Anything harsh will scratch your watch – the opposite of what you want from a watch box! Materials like velvet, felt and suede are good.

  2. Consider what you want to store, and where. A watch box can also store other accessories, like cuff links. Additionally, if you travel a lot, you may choose a smaller, more compact watch box to take with you on the move.

  3. Automatic or mechanical? If you have an automatic watch that requires a winder, choose a watch box that has a built in winder.

  4. Consider style. We think that this one is pretty important. Watch boxes tend to be displayed in your home, so choose one that looks good. Make your watch box a conversational centrepiece.

  5. Oh – and don’t fret if you’re a little more techy and have an Apple Watch. The watch box has a reputation for being classic, but it hasn’t left you behind. Made of distinctive carrara marble and ebonized wood, our Ivar Cube is a watch box that charges your Apple Watch.

Image by NordWood Themes

So there you go. When choosing a watch box, prioritise protection, transportation, winding and style. Watch boxes made simple.

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