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How to choose a modern drinks cabinet


If you like a tipple in the evening but you’ve found your wine bottles, whisky glasses, spirits, and mixers are taking up too much space on the side table or kitchen counter, it may be time to invest in a drinks cabinet.  Before you make any decision on which modern drinks cabinet to purchase, there are a few things to remember and look out for.

Function and aesthetic

A good drinks cabinet should combine two aspects: function and design. Modern drinks cabinets come in all shapes and sizes and a wide range of design styles. You can find drinks cabinets which acts as a display cabinet to be used in a living room, that incorporate beautiful glass doors displaying your wines & spirits like a trophy cabinet, using intricate lighting and luxurious materials. On the other hand you can commission for yourself a bespoke fully integrated wine cabinet for the kitchen which, while highly functional, can also be designed to make a fun statement piece that won’t go unnoticed by guests.

Image by NordWood Themes

Size matters

A wine cabinet is the perfect complementary piece for your home. Choosing the right size wine or drinks cabinet is a combination of functionality in terms of volume of required storage and going over-the-top where the cabinet can come to overly dominate a room. A small functional yet smart wine cabinet, if done well, will enhance any kitchen.

Design trends

There seems to be a general resurgence in interest for home bars and drinks cabinets. One of the big design trends has been revisiting the design aesthetic from the 1950s-1970s, where a drinks cabinet, if used correctly, can really make a big design statement reflecting this trend. There are some great vintage drinks cabinets available, and for those looking for something decidedly contemporary with a nod to vintage can consider our Will Drinks Cabinet where we’ve combined burr oak with walnut, copper and antique finish mirrors to create a compelling contemporary look.

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