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Choosing a great rug or carpet


While successfully decorating your home is never easy, there are some furniture and accessory pieces which play a more important role than others, including rugs and carpets (the latter is a large version of the former). A good rug can add warmth but a really good rug can do much more – what separates the good from the really good?


Is the rug to play a supporting role in the decor of the room or space, or is it central to the overall scheme? For example, if you have chosen neutral furniture colours and wall schemes, then a vibrantly coloured rug can bring buzz. Similarly, a classically dressed room can be jazzed up with a contemporary rug, and vice versa if you’ve got some strong statement pieces for furniture, it may be better to go for a more neutrally designed and coloured rug.

Image by NordWood Themes


Ask yourself what room you are buying the rug for, for example, is it a high-traffic area like the living room or hallway where you will need to Invest in a good quality rug so it will stand up to wear and tear over a long period of time. Do you have children that will be playing on the rugs then it might be smart to avoid all white. Besides those key questions there is also a question of fabrics to consider.

Wool carpets are durable, soft on skin and warm so are a good choice if you want a rug to help insulate a room during winter. Furthermore wool is easy to clean, and is also flame resistant so it can be placed in front of a fireplace. We designed our City hall rug with all these functionalities in mind then combined it with beautiful design.

Wool-Mix: the mixture of wool and artificial fibres can help a rug reduce shedding and help keep its shape, wool is known to fold every now and then so a good fiber mix is good for living room rugs which go through heavy footfall.

Rug Sizing

Measure your space and stick to your dimensions and thereafter decide what will fit best. The last thing you want is to have a small rug in the middle of the room touching no furniture. A good rug as well as adding colour to a room, can also create an area which ties all of your furniture together, creating independent spaces within a room.


Don’t feel bound to a standard rectangular rug. Experiment with interesting shapes, for example, you may have a circular dining table and a larger circular rug underneath the table – which almost invariably will look great.

In summary, a rug is a good way to make a statement (or not) and to add a pop of colour to a room (or not). A patterned rug can add personality and a charming playfulness to a room without it being too bold, and a plain coloured rug can complement an otherwise bold room scheme. If you’re looking for inspiration search for good rug designers and, dare we say it, our rug collection is a good place to start.

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