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Accessorising your cabinets


Your shelf displays should look beautiful. No matter how stunning your accessories are, if you haven’t found the perfect space to show them off the magic can get lost.

This post is about helping you to build the character and personality of your home, so even when your interior designer has left, you can continue to make your home stand out.

The beauty of styling your home is that it can always change. You may change it depending on the season or occasion. Or even having a change of heart of how you want to feel in your space. Even without a tool kit or paintbrush, you can make an impact.

I’m going to uncover a few simple tricks to achieve unique styling methods.

Firstly, consider the materials you’re working with. Reflective pieces allow you to manipulate light. Metal and glass glow well together, yet they’re contrasting. Or standing alone they’re vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.

Reflective shelving allows light to bounce off metal objects. As they shine together, additional artificial lighting isn’t required. The image below is an example of this – in a small darker area, a burst of light draws your eye to the object, which becomes a focal point in the area.

Image by NordWood Themes

Buy several small things that you love and want to show off. A collection has a bigger impact than one standalone piece. Accessorise in “threes” when styling a shelf of smaller objects, to avoid them getting lost.

Make sure that when you’re featuring ornaments, objects or plants, you carefully consider the proportions of the space. For example, the height and size of the furniture and wall they will be against. Balance and symmetry is key. Also think about the empty space, as importantly, you should never want to spoil the furniture or kill the effects of the object by over cluttering. Less is more.

This lounge area from an Ivar home in Ennismore Gardens perfectly shows off handsome attention to detail. Notice the placement in “threes”, balance and perfect execution of symmetry.

Exhibition of your character

A way to reveal your character and make your house a home is to think of your shelving as an exhibition of you. The image below exemplifies a perfect balance of eclectic and minimal placement of personal objects, packed with the homeowner’s treasures.

Perfect balance draws the eye rather than confusing it. Notice how the pieces make the space, with pops of colour warming the neutral space with personality and life.

As though you’re curating an exhibition, look at what colours and forms complement each other. Place them down and stand back. Does it draw your eye?

Remember to never take wall space for granted. Especially when floor space becomes tight. If your problem is hoarding, consider the small unused gaps in your interior. Concealed storage solutions are perfect for storing the bits that make the room appear dismal.

Integrated shelving is an example of the ways to reveal and conceal those extra pieces that kill the room, yet have a show of their own.

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