Invest in design - partnering with London's homeowners and investors 

We want people to feel better in their homes. We want to make you the best you - full of energy, happiness and contentment - and this is what you should expect from our projects - each one done individually to bring out the best of a site, floor plan, location and above all the individuals who are going to live or work inside it. 

Here’s what you need to know about us:

We design everything. From a complete home overhaul to door stoppers to dining tables to kitchens, we’ll design and project manage your every whim. We’ve been widely recognised for the work that we do - including editorial features in GQ, Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Times, How To Spend It, Tatler, Aston Martin and Gentleman’s Journal - and can be found in homes, hotels and yachts across the world.


We take care of everything that you don’t see in your home. For a home to function beautifully for years it’s all the stuff you don’t see that really matters. Properly done central heating, electrics, drainage, building work, pipe-work and plant and equipment will return it’s investment many-fold in hassle, time and money saved.

We are totally focussed on return on investment when designing and refurbishing your home. Your home is probably one of the most valuable assets that you own and we are totally focussed on ensuring that your budget is spent in a way that materially enhances its value for the long term. Done well the costs of refurbishment increase the capital value of your home by significantly more than the cost of the actual refurbishment. Our skill lies in understanding how the budget should be spent and why - there are hundreds of competing claims to budget spend - which is the right configuration and why to ensure that money spent does not go wasted? The number of times we have seen refurbishments that destroy value or miss opportunities makes us weep. Don’t let your home be one of them.

We design + manufacture our own range of furniture, carpets, mirrors and accessories. Products are our passion. We design and produce every single item in our store. We supply homeowners and design professionals (including some of the biggest names in the industry) and are pleased to adjust each order just the way you like it.


We help home buyers find their dream home in London - always with a focus on value and outperformance potential.

We advise property investors - on what investments to make and why, what to do with their portfolio and how to maximise yield when renting and capital gain when selling. We also partner with investors to create stunning turn-key homes for time-poor families, individuals and rental investors.

Ivar London creates homes full of energy and happiness that are profitable for you as a homeowner or investor

Patrick Dougherty, Founder

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