Ivar London’s interiors meld the exceptional with the relatable. Those two things don’t always go hand in hand. The world is full of homes, offices and hotel rooms that look sharp but where you never truly feel at home. They are sterile environments – museums of taste – rather than places with which you can forge a meaningful relationship. We think that’s the wrong approach.

Whether we’re designing a breathtaking penthouse, a villa in the Mediterannean or an intimately proportioned living room, our priority is for the results to feel personal and to elicit an emotional response.  Therefore, although our style is contemporary, clear-lined and human-scale, we do not strive to stamp a rigid “look” onto our work. Instead, we take each project on its own terms, coming up with original ideas that are authentic to the task at hand. From there we make decisions that are right not only for the space but for the people who will be interacting with it foryears to come.

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Door 01.jpg
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Ivar Niven Armchair Yellow Car Design Ba
Centre Point - Living Room - view 01.jpg
Ivar London - Car Gallery - Garage conce
Ivar Daniel Sofa Alcantara Fabric Square
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Mediterranean Mansion

Ivar London

109 Gloucester Road

London, SW7 4SS

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