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Bespoke kitchens & luxury handmade cabinets​

Our bespoke kitchens are designed to be used. A lot. Our approach to modern kitchen design aims to combine clean lines with thoughtful detail. Every kitchen we produce is designed just for you with a bespoke feel and a personal touch that reflects your home design.

Designed in London and made in London

Our range of bespoke kitchens are both designed and made in London and and can be easily fitted into any home. Our London based design team combine Ivar’s iconic clean lines and thoughtful detail in a way that works with the practicalities of ensuring that your kitchen is also properly functional and user-friendly.

Ivar London Westminster Rochester  (18).
Ivar London - Lucan Place - Kitchen
Eaton House - FeaturePRO (13).jpg

Kitchen Storage

Every kitchen cabinet we design is a fully bespoke piece of furniture. We can fit any handles or knobs to your kitchen cabinets, too, making sure we choose the option that is exactly right for your design. We understand the difficulties around ensuring that there is sufficient kitchen storage and appliances, and our talented joiners are experts in creating smart yet functional storage to complement your kitchen.

Hand fitted kitchens by our skilled craftsmen

Our highly skilled craftsmen use traditional joinery techniques, and all of our bespoke kitchens are available to be built with beautiful wood, oak, walnut and veneer finishes. These luxury kitchen designs are detailed, beautiful and most of all, personalised to suit your tastes, which means that no two kitchens are the same. The same craftsmen that make the kitchen will typically also be responsible for the actual fitting of the kitchen in your home, ensuring complete quality control from start to finish of the installation process.

Kitchen appliances and materials

Our design team is highly experienced in using bespoke fittings, and our kitchen designs smoothly incorporate the colours and materials used for the kitchen worktop and splashback. Our designs are influenced by the type of materials used, for example an oak splash back, walnut splashback or other timber splashback and worktops will be contrasted with more neutral materials, including plain spray painted colours. What’s more, you can select from a wide range of kitchen surfaces for your project – from natural stone and timber to precisely-engineered composite. In terms of kitchen appliances, we work with all high-end brands including GaggenauMieleSub Zero Wolf and Siemens. We also work with specialist appliance brands, including Quooker taps and water softening specialists to soften hard water.

Kitchen lighting

Our designers approach every project with profound respect for space and lighting; they will study the unique characteristics of your existing kitchen and use their expertise to add dynamic contemporary lighting features such as discreet cupboard lighting and stylish kitchen worktop lighting that add subtle new layers of lighting to your dreams’ kitchen.

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