Collage: from Picasso to Ivar

Derived from the French word “coller” meaning “to glue” or “to stick”, collage is a process that is truly dynamic art form that presents limitless methods of expression.
Similar processes have been around since the invention of paper in China, though collage as it is seen today is commonly accepted as being made popular during the Synthetic Cubism movement, with first examples set with Picasso’s Still Life with Chair Caning (May 1912) as well as Braque’s Fruit Dish with Glass (September 1912).

Luky Primadani reimagining our Iverna Gardens project Luca Poerio of Italy – Virtual collage

Luca Mainini reimagining our Half Moon Street project

A Brief Overview of Cubism and the Rise of Collage

Cubism was, and continues today to be, a very influential art style pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in Paris in the early 20th century. Featuring angular shapes and rejecting traditional methods and techniques that define the Modernism movement, it challenged the way form and function are viewed. The early period of Cubism is referred to as Analytical Cubism, identifiable by simple colour schemes and the dissection of structure and form.Growing out of this the latter stage of the movement of Cubism is known as Synthetic Cubism, characterized by the interaction of life and art. Collage as we know it today was born out of this latter half of the movement. 

Evolution of Collage

Collage today manifests itself in many different forms, such as Dècoupage, Photomontage, 3-Dimensional, Wood Collage, and Mosaic. 

A simple process that has since revolutionized modern art, and presented a method of picking apart—and then juxtaposing high and low culture in a way that reflects and challenges the social norms of society.

This avant-garde method of expression—the foundation of the beauty in collage—comes from the nature of it being so largely reactive to the world in which we live in, expressing modern interactions and culture.

From satirical tongue-in-cheek expressions of political instability and strife of Dada artist such as Kurt Schwitters, to expressions of life and style seen by works done for Ivar by the exceptionally talented artist Luca Mainini, Luky Primadani, Luca Poerio, Tanja Jeremić, and Ditte Marie Darko—the possibilities that come with such an organic medium of expression, such as collage is endless. Ivar is very excited to have been able to work with these exceptional artists to promote our products and style, and we are pleased to be able to provide an exclusive interview with each of them here. 

Ditte Marie Darko of Denmark – Handmade collage

Do you have an artist that inspire your artworks?

I admire film makers, who are the greatest contemporary artists. Without David Lynch today I would be a different person and then a different artist.

How do you define your style?


Why did you choose to collaborate with an interior design studio like Ivar?

I was very impressed by Ivar spaces, I felt very relaxed. Like being at home.

What inspired you for this collaboration?

I was inspired by voyeurism*. I opened the doors of some rooms and I looked inside. *person who derives pleasure and gratification to spy on the bodies of unknown people.

Do you have an artist that inspire your artworks?

The artist that inspires my work especially collage art is a French illustrator, Julien Pacaud.

How do you define your style?

My style is soft, delightful and simple. I’d like to show story through my works but at the same time letting people interpret the story through their own perspective.

Why did you choose to collaborate with an interior design studio like Ivar?

Ivar perfectly fits my style. I like how the designs are timeless and unique. Each product has its own signature and the brand itself represents the modern living.

What inspired you for this collaboration?

My inspiration from this collaboration is home as a place to have a good life and relax, especially with the loved ones.

Luca Poerio reimagining the Ivar Cube

Tanja Jeremić of – Virtual collage Tanja Jeremić reimagining our Ellesmere Court project

Do you have an artist that inspire your artworks?

I don’t have specific artists that inspire my job, but I have been always fascinated by Salvator Dali.

How do you define your style?

I define my style as a concrete surrealism with a clear aesthetic. I try to change the reality keeping the fact of the elements inside my collages.

What inspired you for this collaboration?

For this collaboration I try to show the Ivar concepts by my own style. Putting together the interior and the product images I try to recreate the surrealistic word that is in my creations.

Do you have an artist that inspire your artworks?

I am very inspired by the works of the Spanish fashion artist, Ernesto Artillo as well as my previous collage tutor, the Danish illustrator, Poul Lange. I especially love his sense of humour and as well as his simple and powerful compositions. Also I find the works of surrealistic artists such as Frida Kahlo and Rene Magritte inspiring for what I do.

How do you define your style?

My style is definitely influenced by the minimalistic, Scandinavian aesthetic. I like simplicity – but I also love when things get a bit quirky and have a sense of humour. In this collaboration the colour palette is quite serious and calm, but at other times I happen to go really crazy with colours. Since I work with collage my style easily gets a bit surrealistic. I like mixing medias, since it brings a very creative expression, that I don’t find when doing ‘original’ illustration or painting.

Why did you choose to collaborate with an interior design studio like Ivar?

I instantly liked the designs – especially because of their minimalistic and exclusive vibe. I thought it could be really fun to do a reinterpretation of the designs. Doing these reinterpretations especially allowed me to play with the experience of space and to create parallel universes in the fore- and backgrounds. It has been a great challenge and I really loved working with the Ivar interior and product designs!

What inspired you for this collaboration?

In this collaboration I was inspired by the idea of the British gentleman/old British style – that I also think corresponds very well with the modern man in love with everything in the best taste. When doing the sketches, I also happened to have some thoughts of James Bond!

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