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Dream bathrooms, bespoke design and installation

Water has always been associated with purifying both body and soul. For this reason, our bathrooms are designed to work at multiple levels – both as high quality and functional spaces, but also as areas where the mind and soul can relax.

The Ivar bathroom

We pride ourselves on our unmatched attention to detail. In such a cluttered market we make a conscious effort to curate and instil individual personality into every project. We will work with you to design a distinctive high quality space to start and end your day in. Our experienced designers will guide you through the process and we take full control of the installation process from start to finish, such that you will only need to deal with your dedicated designer and project manager throughout the design and installation process. This helps to ensure a smooth and efficient process all the way through to completion.

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Eaton House - FeaturePRO (16).jpg
Eaton House - FeaturePRO (8).jpg
Ennismore SW7 (26).jpg
Cuvelo - Iverna Court (19).jpg

Your bathroom is unique

The initial free consultation that we provide enables us to understand what your exact needs are and what the shape of your bathroom will permit in terms of remodelling. We try to understand your practical day-to-day habits and lifestyle preferences in order to create a truly intuitive bathroom design that works for you. Every luxury bathroom must feel individual, polished and bespoke to you, and so it’s important that we guide you through the extensive selection of materials available for your bathroom, from polished Indian black granite (which is tougher than marble yet equally pleasing to the eye) to perfectly installed contemporary porcelain tiles or even marble slab complemented by mood-lighting.

Small bathrooms v large bathrooms

We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver distinctive luxury bathrooms regardless of the room-size. London homes tend to share a common dilemma, space, or rather the lack of it. Our team of bathroom designers have considerable experience in delivering high-end small bathroom renovations in London. If you are considering a bathroom renovation and are worried about the space and size, look no further, we will spend as much time as it takes to work out a brilliant design that will maximise the space available while making it look effortless.

Bathroom mood lighting

We use intricate bathroom lighting to create a warm relaxing effect as well as to add the illusion of space. For example, our bespoke vanity cabinets with integrated mood lighting are both relaxing and an enhancing feature for a bathroom.

Our talented designers have enormous experience in designing and installing bathrooms so if you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom give us a call and receive a free consultation.

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