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How to be more productive

  1. Eat to win. This approach is fully understanding that what we put into our bodies greatly affects our focus and energy throughout the day. A healthy diet will lead to healthy brain. When we start our day by consuming foods that increase our energy and focus we instantly set ourselves up for a productive day.


  1. Jumpstart your day with a workout. Fitness is the best productivity tool you can invest in. it doesn’t have to be hardcore workout, find a routine that works best for you and work that routine every morning. A good workout will get the blood flowing and get rid of the morning blues with the release of endorphins. It helps release stress and increase energy the perfect way conquer the day.


  1. Hour to greatness. This is one whole hour first thing in the morning that is dedicated to preparing my mind and body for the day ahead. This routine consists of reading a inspiring book for 15 to 20 minutes, reviewing and visualising your personal goals, looking over my to-do list, and finally, filling my mind with positive and motivational messages via youtube or audiobooks. This alone can transform your motivation and increase productivity levels. Prepare your mind for a phenomenal day.


  1. Do not disturb. Throughout your day people will come into your office and interrupted you to talk about nonsense? odds are you are also being distracted by text, phone or email throughout the day too. If you work in an office, set up hours of  “Do Not Disturb”  this time is reserved to get important work done. If you work from home inform clients when the best time to reach you are, this way people won’t interrupt you during certain time blocks.


  1. Learn to work smarter. Learn from others who have come before us. It took centuries for professionals to learn how to think and work more effectively. Today, we can read the five most important books in productivity and understand 80 percent of what those pioneers gained through 100 years of experience.

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