Advices to how to stay awake directly from the Ivar blog


1. Go for walks – Taking a 20 minute walk can give your energy a boost and decrease fatigue. Short burst exercise seems better than long high intensity exercise for fatigue, so you don’t have to go on long walks to benefit from this.

2. Up beat Music. Listening to music while you work will help keep you awake and increase your concentration, since 60% of the human body is water the vibrations which comes from up tempo music travels through your mind and body keeping you awake

3. Healthy snacks. Large meals can make you feel heavy. Try eating smaller meals at lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day for sustained energy.

4. Caffeine – Caffeine will help you stay awake, but avoid fizzy energy drinks. Energy drinks are good for waking up but in the long run, they will make you feel tired while also making it harder to sleep.

5. Ice cold drinks. If you chew ice or have cold drinks, it’s almost impossible to fall asleep. The chilling temperature keeps the brain active, even while driving late at night.


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